New Routine

Within the last couple of weeks we’ve decided to change up a few nightly routines in our house. Over the past year we found it easier to give TJ a bath in our bathroom. We always changed him in our room and that way we didn’t have to worry about toys in the guest bathroom. It’s gotten a little insane in our bathroom. I didn’t have a nice bath toy holder so all of TJ’s bath toys stayed in a basket on the floor next to the bathtub. Our bathroom which we completely remodeled last year was now look cluttered and unclean. Last week we ventured out to the good ol Target and invested in a bath toy holder. It keeps all the toys, shampoo, and soap nicely hung on the wall. TJ thinks it’s funny and I think its organized.
Now that TJ is getting a mouth full of teeth we’ve been working on teaching him to brush his teeth. He was doing really good with the concept. He hasn’t been a child to stick everything in his mouth so for the first time I had to go get my tooth brush and show him “how we brush our teeth”. He has been doing this every night for a week and a half. Last night and the night before he was pushing the tooth brush away and would just lean toward me and open his mouth wide. I guess he finds it easier and much more convenient for him to have me do it. HAHA.

Update on walking:
He does know how to walk and he only walks when he chooses to walk. I think maybe he realizes that when he walks he won’t be a baby anymore. Well I don’t know that he realizes that or not but he only walks on his terms
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