What brings you Joy?

Joy is something that comes with knowing Christ.

But Joy is also a choice. It’s a choice that needs to be made daily. I choose to have a good day, I choose to be happy, and to spread joy wherever I go and whoever I come in contact with. It’s definitely something that I’ve dealt with a lot lately. I find myself with the slightest stress in life will get me down and I have to choose to be happy and joyful. I find it the easiest to find the perfect joy by getting in the word.

Just the other day I had a horrible day. I just wanted to go to sleep and not think about anything. I sat there in my bed while Tim was watching um…I think… a Mav’s game and thought why not just read some of my Bible. I read a bit while listening to some peaceful worship music. I slept so peacefully that night and woke up so refreshed and did the same thing that morning. I dove into the word first thing. I woke up with the thought “I’m going to beat this day, this day and the people in this day can’t and won’t get me down” I had such a better day. Yes, people were still people, phone calls were still frustrating but with the constant thought that Christ is my joy kept me going.

I can’t have true joy without Him. Why not just give up living on my own and submit to him?
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