Tim and I's anniversary is coming up at the end of this month. I can't believe we have been married 4 years. I was thinking back the other day while we were watching a Mav's game how much has changed. Yeah I know a Mavericks game what made me think of our relationship during a Mavericks game. Well it just so happens that our first "date" was watching a Mav's game together. Tim was invited to watch the game at the Benjamin's house and he took me along with him. It was fun.

In the last six years this is what has happened...in a nutshell:
started dating
watch a mavs game
we get a fish (George)
got engaged
Tim moved out of his parents house into our apartment
we get married
I move in
we get another fish (George II)
we get a dog
we buy a house
we move into the house
we get another fish (George III)
we get pregnant
we have a baby (TJ)
watch a mavs game.

See how life takes you around and then brings you right back.

We are celebrating by having an evening out without the boy. It will be fun and I'll post another blog about that later.
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