What to Write?

I feel like I have sooo much to say but can't seem to find one specific thing to talk about. So many things have happened to me and been on my mind. I even started this post with talking about decisions. Obviously I can't even find the words to right in a blog about choices. I sit here with such a desire to write but can't write. I guess that's what you call writers-block.
You know I love where our life is right now. I love my Timothys, I love my family and friends, and I love my house. Church has been great. My dad has been teaching on redemptive gifts. Tim and I are really finding who we are as in our gifts that the Lord has given us.
I look at my days that go by and see who I am becoming. I wonder how I got here and if I would have made one slightly different choice how it would have changed my life forever. I always think if I did do this or didn't do that would I have still gotten married and would I be the mother of TJ? And my answer is yes. One of the reasons God put me on tis earth was to be the wife of Timothy and the mother of Timothy Jr. I can't think of what I have to get out of this life and what I want but what can I do for the people God has put around me. If that's changing a diaper or running back to the store to get Dr. Peppers.

I know I really haven't said anything profound or even something worth making a title of this post. But I wanted to write and I needed to write.

I think I'm going to call it quits on this. I promise I'll get a topic before I start the next post.

Have a lovely evening and a fabulous week!
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