I am proud to announce that my brother Josh and his wife Andrea are expecting!!! Dre is about 15 weeks pregnant and is due the first part of February. Since Josh is leaving for 12-15 months sometime in January we are hoping Josh either leaves late or Baby Schlueter comes a little early so Josh can be there for the birth. We are SOOO excited for Josh and Dre and we just know that they will be amazing parents. They have already gone to a few appointments. They have seen the baby and heard the heart beat. All are doing well and feeling great. He or she will be the first Schlueter baby and has so many generational blessings and family heritage already in place. 

I just found out yeaterday that my brother was promoted to 1st Lieutenant. Congrats Josh! Also Andrea is enrolled in an online school to work on her masters the remainder of her pregnancy and while Josh is deployed.

Congratulations Josh and Andrea! I love you and can't wait to meet your little one.
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