Granite Fun

I can NOT express enough how relieved I am at this very moment.

We have spent the last 41 days with our house in absolute chaos. It all started with a simple trip to Home Depot. We were there picking up a few items to fix the ceiling in our kitchen because of the leak in our roof. For a little history, we had a leak in our roof which led to damage in our kitchen. With getting the roof fixed we had some money left over after the roof was fixed and the kitchen supplies were paid for. During this quick trip to Home Depot we decide to go look into costs of counter tops. HA! This nice lady who works for Home Depot comes over and starts talking to us. We had always wanted granite but didn't think that it would be in our budget at all and weren't sure if its something we wanted to put into this house. Anyways. She comes over and tells us that the granite has specials going on. $39 a sq ft (with install) 10% off, $300 off, and a free sink. OK wait a second. We should figure this out. To make a super long story shorter. Here are the points:
  1. Ended up not being able to get that deal
  2. they met us half way
  3. we paid extra to cover if our measurements were off
  4. told us we would get a call in a couple of days for a guy to come measure
  5. he called a few days later and scheduled to come out a week after that
  6. We never got a call from Home Depot saying all was good and that our granite was being manufactured
  7. We went to the store
  8. We owe more $$$
  9. We shopped for a better deal. We wanted SO bad to go somewhere else
  10. Found NO ONE who could meet or beat that deal
  11. We went back to Home Depot
  12. Tim talked calmly to a manager and expressed that he was unhappy
  13. Manager took off the extra charges
  14. Waited a week and a half.
  15. Got a call that our granite was ready
  16. Was given a date (a week from then), couldn’t come that day, gave us a date a week later (2 wks from call)
  17. They came yesterday and INSTALLED the granite
    It has been a very long process and not fun! I wouldn’t recommend going to Home Depot to get your countertops. If you got a good deal then you might want to determine if your deal is worth going through bad service. We are talking a 6 week ordeal. They told us from the beginning it would be a 3- 3 1/2 week process.

    Right after we moved into the house and got our kitchen set up. It worked fine. Nothing wrong. counters were a little out dated but we had all new appliances and new floors.

    Then the roof started leaking and after a while we decided to get started on the kitchen. Here is Tim tearing out the messed up wall and cealing.
    getting the job done!
    done! wall and ceiling replaced, textured and painted. My husband rocks! we even got a new light fixture. We got it for $5 at Park Row Lighting's clearance sale. 
    Old counter tops are out and ready for the new ones to come in.
    another view
    old backsplash. since the new countertops were going to be put in we needed to do something here. putting the granite behind hte stove was not an option because of cost.
    after! I am so proud of myself. I did it mostly on my own. I measured and cut myself. The only thing Tim had to help me with is keep the back from hitting the wall before I lined it up.
    YAH! The granite is getting installed. We had actually prepared ourselves for the installers not to show up.
    I'm so excited! It looks so good and I'm looking forward to hosting Thanksgiving at my house and cooking many meals here
    AHHHH! Stress of the kitchen is OVER!
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