I think I figured It Out

Wow. To actually sit down and write a blog. crazy! I think I figured out that my headaches are stress related. I find them reappearing when I get stressed. I'm normally one who can handle stress when its organized stress and I have a way to get beyond the pressure and chaos. When I'm in a place I can't control and have no solution for the stress that over comes me I lose it. Earlier this week I had to actually make goals to not think about my desk at work when I wasn't at work and to not think about anything else but work when I was at my desk.
I don't bring work home (being...we don't talk about work at home) partly because we both work at the same place. It doesn't work well so we just don't do it. We have to keep it separate. But even if I thought about what time I needed to get to work I would immediately get a headache or if I would try to plan to get some things done after work the headache would appear.
OK OK. I won't mix these two. I can't control work when I'm not there and the same way when I'm not at home.
Its only been the last few weeks that I've had these headaches and the last few weeks have been kinda crazy at home and at work.

Other than a little stress life has been good. Lots of organizing, getting ready for a garage sale (if you have any bigger pieces you want to donate you can. We are saving for a trip to Isreal), running around with a toddler and memories being made. Gotta love it. 
I wonder if this is why I have a headache???
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