What I've Learned

Over the past few years I've learned a few things about home repairs/ improvements. We have done a bunch of projects around our house. From just painting to flooring to building in to updating.

Here it is...

1. I can pick out something quicker for someone elses house than I can for my own

I know what looks good and what will look good. When I'm picking a wall color for someone I look at it in a different way than I do with my own house. I see it in a visitors eye and not a home owners eye...I guess. I love helping people by being the deciding factor, but then I also love to help get the ball rolling.

Now in my own house. I see tons of things that will look good and will be very nice. BUT I can't ever seem to make a decision quickly. Some of that is I don't see this house as a long term house. I see it as my home and a place that we are creating wonderful memories but not a place to stay forever. When it comes time for decisions I have to look at it as, is this a good investment in this house? Is this something a new owner would like? I don't have to think this way with everything but with major changes to the house I always have that thought in the back of my mind.

2. It seems to NEVER be as easy as it seems.

I think with almost every project we have taken on, its been more difficult than we thought. Now that can be more expensive, takes longer to complete, and so on.

We start out a project with a list, than the cost of all the items on the list, ok...we are set lets go to the store buy all the stuff and tada! we are ready to go. No more costs, the room gets completed and its beautiful. Nope. Never happens that way. We go with a list and can't find something, then the ticket rings up more than what we have planned, than we start working, a product doesn't work right, or we go back because we forgot something, and blah blah blah.

Basically have cushion in your budget and in your time.  And don't always trust what they say.

3. Classes that stores offer for free that teach you techniques are worth it.

Tim went to a class that was how to lay tile. Totally worth it. It saved us tons of money on having to pay someone to install tile. All we had to do was pay for the tools and materials and boom. Done

4. Paint makes a home feel like a home.

I know this is my opinion but I think its a very good opinion. Before we even moved into the house we were painting. I think the colors on the wall make it feel warm and inviting. With paint you can bring out our personality and brighten up a room. A kitchen can look bland and outdated but you paint it a nice pretty color and it changes the whole feel. Paint your living room a fun color and people feel happy when they walk in. Its a cheep way to change the look of a room and get a great feeling of acomplishment.

5. Home projects with a toddler.

Not so fun! But we had to get some projects done so we had to figure out how to make it work. First of all, working in a bathroom. TJ loves the bathroom. He gets his baths in there and he gets to brush his teeth. These are like his most favorite things to do. So while we are trying to tear things out our little boy doesn't want to play with blocks or his guitar he wants to get in the bathtub. Makes sense.

Ok so what we had to do is get a lot od the preperation stuff done while he was awake and get the work done while he was asleep. Please note...we have a very good sleeper who sleeps through anything. This may not work for everyone.

6. Try not to fight.

All fighting does is gets you in bad mood and delays the project. And if you didn't cushion your time than this will not be good. Laugh at the mistakes and accept that you are not a pro (unless you are) at home improvements and this to shall pass.
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