Happy Birthday Timothy!!!

Happy Birthday Timothy!

I love you and I hope you have a fantastic year!

This birthday is a significant birthday being that it is his 25th birthday. He is a quarter of a century.

Tim is such a wonderful father and husband. I love spending time with him. We laugh so much when we are together. We started out his birthday with being at Midnight Yell. And he gets to spend all day today tailgating and going to a football game. Well not any football game. We are going to the Texas A&M vs. Arkansas game at cowboys stadium.

This year, his birthday present from me is a ticket to the U2 concert. But since I bought that a while ago I wanted to do something for him on his actual birthday.  SO...I made him a cheesecake. Its his favorite and I knew I would need to figure out how to make one. Well I made it and he LOVED it.

Happy Birthday Babe and have a great day!
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