Pumpkin Patch

Man I thought last year was fun looking through all the pumpkins and picking out the perfect one....Oh how I was wrong. I knew nothing about real pumpkin patches.

We've known for a while that we were going to be in Upstate New York this year. We had been talking that we were just going to one in New York and not in DFW. It was so much fun!!

This was not a small pumpkin patch this was Old McDonald's Farm's pumpkin patch. There were hayrides, mini-golf, corn maze, shops, annimals, and actual pumpkin patches where you cut your pumpkin off the vine.

We got to feed some pigs and cows. TJ had so much fun and was smiles the whole time until we got too close to the huge animals. He took almost a 4 hour nap.

on the hayride:


Looking at the farm animals:

Uncle Josh, Aunt Dre and TJ

Mommy, Daddy and TJ

threw the cornmaze
picking our pumpkins

TJ's Pumpkin

TJ's first pumpkin carving
the boys' pumpkins
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