New York Vacation

This was the first year since 2006 that we took at least a week off work together to go somewhere and enjoy ourselves. This year we went to New York.  We have been wanting to go and visit my brother and Andrea in upstate New York. We had so much fun.

We left here first thing on Saturday morning. Headed off to DFW for our first flight together since we've been married and of course the first flight with TJ. Needless to say I was so nervous. I would say I was pretty prepared for the flight because I was given some great advise for flying with a toddler. We had a long day of flying but I would say it was successful. TJ slept a little on the second flight.

Sunday was going to be the only full day we were going to have with him since he was going to be working all week. We headed off to brunch at this amazing place...sorry I can't remember the name of it. Josh called into work for a few hours so he ended up getting Monday off too. After Josh got back from work we headed out to Alexandria Bay to see Thousand Islands. Pretty cool place. Its a bunch of islands with houses and castles on them. We took a boat tour and got to see all around.

Monday we headed off to the Cider Mill to try the cider and to get some cider cake donuts. YUMO! they were amazing. I even requested to go back later in the week. Then off to Old Mcdonalds Farm for the hay ride, corn maze and pumpkin patch. We spent the evening carving pumpkins and resting.

Tuesday Josh was headed off to work so Dre, Tim, TJ and I went to Thompson park so TJ could play. It was so beautiful out there the trees take your breathe away.

playing on the playground

Tuesday night Josh took us up to Post to see where he works and to show us the motor pool. I got a bunch of pictures of Josh showing TJ everything. I lost them all when I was trying to fix my phone. Tim got the best one:
Josh taught him a mean face. lol

Wednesday was a casual day. EXCEPT I got to go with Dre to a sonogram appointment and I got to see my little nephew, Jesse Nathaniel. I can't wait to meet him and I've already gone through totes of clothes to send them. After we got back we took Josh and his guys burgers and went on a few errands. We needed a rest day before we hit Thrusday.

Thursday we headed to Niagara Falls early and got there around 11am. I can't even describe it. So I'm just going to post a few pictures:


Friday was another chill day and we were able to get all our bags packed for our trip home on Saturday. We headed out Saturday mind morning. Tim and I were starving and not wanting to spend a ton on airport food or have snacks all day. SOOO we stopped at McDonalds and got some lunch. HA we were only a few minutes late and missed our flight check in deadline. oops but these really nice ladies got us on a flight an hour later, they didn't charge us the missed flight fees, and they didn't charge us the baggage fees either. AWESOME!!

We ended up making it home and hour earlier than what our original itinerary had planned. Only problem was we had only a 30 minute layover and had to basically run to our departure gate.

We made it home and we had such a great time and miss them so much already.
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