Piper's Birthday Party

Friday right after work we hopped in the car and went up to Little Rock for Miss Piper's birthday party on Saturday. We got in at about 10 pm and let the kids play for a few minutes to see each other.

Saturday we got to sleep in a bit since TJ kept sleeping. (thank you TJ) Then at about 11:30 we had to get to the party that started at 12. Lots of little ones came with their parents and Piper seem to be having a blast. TJ was completely worn out and passed out about 10 minutes down the road.

We had to leave right after the party, but it was so good to be there for her and her party.

here are some pictures from the trip:

Friday night, right after we go there



Birthday girl

Aunt Kikie and Unca Tim

blowing out the candles

Cake time

not feeling to hot but figured he should participate in the cup cake eating

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