Cold Weather and Toddlers

My oh my is it difficult to function normally when its cold and when you have a toddler with you.

I know your thinking....is this really what you are going to talk about? Yep, I am.

The last couple of weeks I have been able to experience the hassle of moving about the town with a child and myself in large coats. My warmest jacket is white and is a slick fabric. As you could imagine a small toddler with a large jacket doesn't leave them with much ability to move easily. So me with a slick jacket and a toddler who can't move easily at all. Yikes!

Just today we went to Target, Tim went over to customer service while I was walking in with TJ and my purse. I grab a cart because there is no way that I would be able to hold TJ any longer. He is already sliding down my hip and my purse is now at my elbow. Once I got the cart in front of me I start to swing TJ over the handle bar. Then the cart starts moving away. This lady came up and helped me hold the cart while I put him in the seat. I'm sure I looked more like the Aunt who never deals with kids than this child's Mom.

Last year it was not this difficult, mainly because I could take TJ in his car seat. He didn't slip off my hip or get caught up in his jacket. I could bundle him up in blankets and cover the whole carseat in a blanket and he was warm.

I give props to the mom's who have to do this for months. And then to those mom's who have to do this with multiple children in tow. Way to go. I'm glad I only get this pleasure a few weeks out of the year. Thank you Texas!

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