Back Into the Swing Again

Vacations are always nice but long vacations with no sort of schedule are not so nice on my son. I have worked his whole life keeping him on somewhat of a schedule and even when we're not its the routine of life that keeps him on track.

We left Christmas day and got back on the 30th. That's a long time and then when we got back we got back in town running. We had something going everynight and just weren't able to stay at home and get him back into routine.

Which leads me to my point. We went back to work this week and its always a challenge with TJ. He does pretty good going back to my mom's with very little hick ups. Its when he gets home that evening when it gets bad. His strong will comes out and there are some battles being fought.

I'm hoping by that tomorrow we should be back to normal. Last night was rough and since Tim had bowling it was just me and TJ, the two strong-willed ones...EKKK, here left alone to battle it out. HAHA

Hears to the new year and getting my son back to normal.

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