FYI: Don't Hit the Box

While driving to work this morning I was getting on the highway and right after I checked my blind spot I turned my head back to the road in front of me and there sat a good size box right there in between the two lanes. I was changing lanes and tried to miss it. Instead of missing it, I drove right over it with my front passenger side. The car seemed fine as I continued driving down 360 but once I got off and was making a turn the car was starting to sound like I had a flat.

So I pull over and take a look at my car and all I can see was a liquid pouring out pretty quick, my bumper dented in, and cracked. My tire was fine so I decided to just drive the rest of the way since I was only 1/2 mile away from work. 

Turns out that the liquid was just windshield washer fluid and it was leaking because the motor came off. The sound the car was making when I was getting off the highway was the plastic fender liner that was broken and loose. The bumper needs to be replaced.

I wasn't hurt and my car doesn't have any major damage. But is sure is a pain and it is still going to be an expense that we didn't need at this point.

After I got to work some of the ladies said they saw the box after I hit it and they said the box was now in the exit lane and there was wood all over the ground. Another car had hit the box and had a flat, when they saw it. I have no idea what was in that box but its been enough of a pain for me.

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