Slightly frustrated at this moment. For the past few days I have not been able to put a status update on facebook with my phone. I could comment on anything, replies to emails, comment on my previous status' but I could NOT post a new one.

Sunday I shut down my phone and restarted it. boom. I could put a status update. Today I was trying to upload a status that was random and I thought was funny but my phone wouldn't let me. So I proceeded to do what I did on Sunday by shutting the phone down and restarting. I made the mistake of doing this a few times and then deleting the facebook app (I hear Debra gasp) then turn my phone off. boom. It went to safe mode and I couldn't do anything.

I had to restore my phone to factory settings luckily my last back up was only a couple of weeks ago (I hear Debra sigh) so I didn't really lose any pictures or anything and since I had blogged I have most of the important pictures online.

My phone is syncing right now. So I'll know in a short bit what all was erased.

Don't miss read this.....I still absolutely love my iPhone!!! I just had to share my frustration.

Thanks for listening or reading I should say!
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