Mother's Day

I wanted to start out by thanking my wonderful husband and TJ for making me feel special today. Its the little things that count. They got me a breakfast jack from jack in the box (my favorite) and two dozen roses.

I had to stay home from church today because TJ got hand foot and mouth disease. I still had a great day. I spent the morning making a cake and watching Finding Nemo and Toy Story. We had a big lunch at my parents house with all the family and then naps. This evening was a little rough with TJ because he wasn't feeling well. The activities of the evening were scattered and quick to keep him occupied.

And now....

Happy Mother's day to all my mom! Mom, Grandma, Debra and Mammo. and to all my sisters and friends who are mothers. Thank you to all of you for being involved in my life to help me be a better mother to my kid(s) I've learned from the best.

I love you all!!
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