Big Boy

This is very exciting!

Since we are expecting a new baby in November we are trying to get TJ ready for a big boy bed. We wanted to get him good and settled in before the baby is here. That way there aren't any huge changes right when the baby. Any drastic changes we can avoid we will.

We changed the bed to the toddler bed on Sunday night. He had no problems that night. He was so excited to get in the bed he ran in there after his bath and held his hands out to pray. He woke up the 2nd night with a bad dream in the middle of the night but then went back to sleep with some prayer. He hasn't had any problems since. He had his first nap in the toddler bed yesterday and did great with that also. We keep telling ourselves that it's not this easy and we should be fighting him to keep him in bed...hmmmm.

He's always been a great sleeper ever since we brought him home. We have been able to lay him down and he'll go to sleep. He does wake up but because we have taught him to go to sleep on his own then he'll go back to sleep within a few minutes. We are so proud of him!

Way to go TJ!!

Here are my Timothys reading a book before bedtime. Part of the new nightly routine.
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