The Name

The name Anna is a name I picked out years ago. Wow, I don't even remember when. I'm thinking it was about a year before Tim and I got married. I found out how much Anna was a family name.

Tim had already told me that if we got married he would want his son to be named Timothy Wayne Leckie Jr. So we could have a 1st Timothy and 2nd Timothy.

I immediately started to think of girls names....

Anna Katelynn

Anna was the name of both my dad's grandmothers. Anna Schlueter and Anna Dettmann. Anna also comes from the Leckie/ Hughes side of the family. Tim's grandmother's name was Anna Belle and later changed her name to Annabelle. Definitely a family name.

Anna is a prophetess, Anna is Grace, Anna is merciful, and Anna is Favor.

Now Katelynn we picked because Katelynn is the name I would want mine to be if it was a long name. The spelling of the "Lynn" is how my sister spells her middle name. Katelynn means pure.

So our Anna Katelynn will be a graceful, merciful and pure. AMEN
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