Papaw Leckie

Today our family is experiencing a great loss.

It started yesterday, we got news that Papaw Leckie (Billy Wayne Leckie) slipped into a coma during the night. Tim's parents and the other brothers that live here in DFW immediately started to gather. Timothy decided after work that he had to go and worked it out at work to miss today and the next if needed. I helped him pack and sent him on his way. They got to the nursing home pretty late where Papaw has been staying and got to see him. He wasn't awake so they watched him sleep.

As soon as we woke up today Papaw left to be with Jesus at 6 am. When Tim called me I didn't really react. I was expecting it because they were telling us he wouldn't live long in the coma but it was still a shock. I went through today with up and down emotions. I didn't want to talk to anybody but that just isn't possible when you work in customer service. I spent the day figuring out my schedule at work and how much time I would miss.

I realized tonight that me being distant from family is actually helping me in my mourning. I'm able to remember all the moments I had with Papaw without anyone to talk to about him. I've had to have the conversations on my own.  My years with him aren't as long as the rest of the family but from the first day I met him he left an impression on me. He was quiet but made me laugh. He would say things under his breath and me and Tim would just sit there and giggle. He welcomed me into his family and I immediately felt like one of his grandkids. He loved TJ and would let TJ play cars on his lap, he would even let him crash the cars while playing on his lap. I'm proud that TJ carries on the Wayne name.

I'm sad Anna won't get to meet him but happy he isn't in any more pain. Love you Papaw and I'll miss you.

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