6 Months Pregnant

Here is my belly

Getting large I know. I feel like I’m further along than I really am but when I look at my stomach I feel like my stomach is so much smaller this time around. 

I guess it’s about the same but I sure do feel different. Of course a girl is going to cause me problems. TJ moved a lot but I didn’t really hurt. Just leg cramps at night and swelling but nothing else. With Anna, I have back aches, my stomach hurts a lot, feet hurt, legs hurt, leg cramps and so on. I try not to complain and to stay happy and active. Some days I just want to lay there. It is nice on the days where I have worked to hard once I sleep that night I feel so much better the next day.

 Here is my belly at 6 months with TJ:

I’ve had more energy to do things but I have to quit so fast after I start because of aches. We are at the point right now in preparing the house that I can’t do much which is wearing Tim out. He’s been great with everything. He is so excited about our little girl. We went and registered this last week and I gave him the scanner about half way through and he went scan happy.  HAHA. It was hard trying to figure out what we actually needed and what we didn’t.  Not necessarily like the first time, it was trying to remember what we had.

Anyways. Anna is moving more these days. It’s probably because I’ve been drinking caffeine in the morning. I’ve been so tired that I need something to pick me up. Then she starts kicking away. Wednesday she spent the whole day kicking my ribs, today she was rolled up in a ball so my stomach was so tight. I go to the doctor the 1st week in September when I’m 28 weeks (I'll be 26 weeks tomorrow) and then I go to every 2 week appointments. I’m sure I’ll update again then.

Nursery Update:
We have the dresser, toy box, and chair. The dresser and toy box need to be painted. The carpet is out and planning on working on the flooring this weekend. Crossing my fingers. We’ll have to get the chair rail up and then all the construction stuff of her room will be done. Then the rest will be decorating and working on the finishes. I’m still trying to figure out the pictures. The pictures are all different sizes (squares, long rectangles, short rectangles) so I haven’t decided if I need to crop all the pictures to fit in a standard size frame, get some made, or see if Tim can make them. All the decisions…ahhhhh
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