Proud Parents

TJ has once again made Tim and I very proud parents.
Every time I doubt his ability to learn something new or to grow up he proves us wrong every time.
The last few weeks TJ has shown us so many signs that he is ready to be potty trained but we were waiting until one we had nothing planned over the weekend and two I didn’t have any commitments at church where I could miss without having to get someone to cover my duties. Friday night TJ and I went to the store to get all the big boy items, underwear and his toilet.
Saturday we woke up and we threw away the one diaper we had left and put on his big boy underwear. He was so excited and started dancing around. We gave him Gatorade mixed with water. This is something he will drink a ton of and will down almost the whole cup in one sitting. I knew this was the drink we needed to use for the training. I set a timer and for every 15-20 minutes and would have him try. He wouldn’t go at all. He only had two accidents this day and I caught him once he started and set him on the toilet. He wouldn’t go on the toilet. He didn’t like sitting there. I only used pull ups the first day mainly because he hadn’t gone all day and had 4 cups of drink. He woke up with a full pull up from nap and I just used this as a time to start over. He hadn’t gone in the toilet so it wasn’t a step backwards for him. I continued giving him his drinks and after 3 drinks he had no accidents but still wasn’t going potty. Finally it got to where he was hurting from needing to go potty so bad. This is when we had accident number two. It was only a little bit and didn’t relieve anything for him. I was holding him in the kitchen shortly after that accident and he said oh no Mommy and I saw there were a few drops on his underwear so I took him to his little toilet and he wouldn’t go. We were about to give up thinking he just wasn’t ready when I asked him. Do you want to use the big toilet like Mommy and Daddy? and he said “yeah”. Then he stood up on the stool and peed. He peed 3 times before bed time that night.
Sunday was even more successful. Now note it only been about 14 hours since he started going potty. He woke up and after 30 minutes told us he needed to go potty. I tried setting a timer again this day but he would tell me before the timer would go off that he needed to go so I quit setting the timer.  It was a good day. He pooped in the toilet that morning and was telling us all day when he needed to go. We had to change his underwear once because he got a couple drops on them when he caught himself that he needed to go.
Monday he had the same pair of underwear on the whole day and had no accidents. We even spent 4 hours in the car. He told us every time he had to go. He’s had an infection so he is constantly itching so we couldn’t ever go by the “signs” that he needed to go. When he has to go he tells us.
Tuesday he spent the morning with Ken and Ginny while we went to Papaw’s funeral and he was telling them when he needed to go.  He gets so excited when he is going peepee he calls whoever is there to come in and see. Too cute. I should break that habit. Haha! He’ll fool you though, he’ll come out announcing to everyone he went potty when he doesn’t actually go and when he does go potty he comes out of the bathroom and continues on with playing like before.
He was having dry nights but last night he had an accident. It was partly our fault. We had dinner late which meant he had a drink late and he wouldn’t go before bed. He was also wiped out so he slept in which also didn’t help his case.
We are so proud of our little man.
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