Hectic Life

Worn out!
Life has been busy to say the least around our house.
Last weekend it was kicked into high gear when Papaw Leckie slipped into a coma and then passed away on Thursday. Tim had made a quick trip to Shreveport before he passed away and came back late the next night. Now it was Friday, this was supposed to be a relaxing night we had planned. We were going to be hanging out with our super good friends the Peery’s. The plans were still on but they got devastating news about a friend/family member who wouldn’t make it very long. It left us all in very melancholy moods. Saturday was the scheduled day to begin potty training and since we were going to be heading to Shreveport on Monday we needed get on the ball and get TJ trained before the car rides. We spent both Saturday and Sunday potty training and turned out very successful.
We made the trip to Shreveport which was nothing but exhausting. We were drained both physically and mentally. Then I returned to work on Wednesday and last week was terrible. It was probably one of the worst weeks I’ve had. It started out busy, hectic, people yelling, me being bothered and annoyed, I was still very emotional which didn’t help, and it was just an all around horrible week.
This weekend was pretty good. We got a lot of stuff done around the house. I worked on our bathroom for a while, getting the bathtub cleaned, toilet cleaned, floors cleaned, and then cleaning and reorganizing the counter and sink area. Tim got all the carpet taken out to the curb, hung the curtains in the new guest bedroom, fixed the molding in our bathroom, the yard done, helped a friend moved and help me clean the rest of the house.
It’s been a good week. Not too busy but we’ve had something going on each night. We got registered on Monday night, signed a gas and oil lease last night, family night tonight, tomorrow at the church to get ready for Friday night, and then Friday we have our church service for the weekend. Set in Order. Everyone is welcome!
Hope you all have a fabulous week and I’ll see you on the flip side.
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