Heartburn, oh heartburn how I hate thee.

Mylanta, tums and any other form of antacid are my new best friends. My head can not go to the same level as my stomach or everything in my stomach slowly creeps up. Actually I can be sitting or standing and my chest burns. Yuck.

I had this with TJ but I had to take tums so often that even the thought of them.....eeekkkk!

I have 3 pillows, a bottle of mylanta, and a bottle of water on my night stand at all times but for whatever reason I didn't feel like I needed to take some medicine before I laid down. Last night was he worst night I've had. I had a bunch of food later in the evening that are all no-no's for heartburn. I took me a while to fall asleep then once I did my chest would just burn. I was constantly waking up and finally at 3 AM I had to sit up and take like 4 swigs of Mylanta and have some water.

Anyways. Besides the heartburn, few leg cramps and some body aches, I'm feeling pretty good. I had dinner about 3 hours ago and I plan on making my mylanta a preventative treatment every night so last night never happens again.

Thanks for letting me share about my heartburn misfortune.
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