Overwhelmed To Say The Least

As you could tell by previous posts that the nursery was coming along nicely. I had a to-do list I was keeping at work and was constantly marking things off as they were getting done. We got the crib last week and had it set up on Thursday. Really all we had to do was touch up paint, touching up the base boards, and decorations. I would say we were 75-80% done!

We had some left over flooring and we were going to take it back. Saturday morning TJ and I were ready to go and Tim had to go get a pair of shorts that had been drying in the guest room. When he walked in there the carpet was wet. His first thought was that we had some time of foundation problem, a broken pipe or something. AGH!!! not what we need.

After investigation we found that our A/C unit was leaking condensation and it had filled up the inside of the A/C closet and was into the rooms. Yes, rooms being more than just the guest room. The way our house is set up is the A/C closet is in the hall in between the guest room and Anna's room. The return vents are in both rooms and then in the hall. My first thought when we realized it was a leak was to look in Anna's room. I didn't see anything at first and then left. But after a second look we could tell the floor was already starting to buckle. Oh I cried! Trying to keep my cool and not stress Tim out anymore than he already was, I cried in secret.

Our shop vac wasn't working so we just got out towels and started soaking up the water. We knew we would need to get the carpet dried out or it would quickly mildew. After pulling up half of the room, the padding was soaked and there was no hope for recovery.

We got out of the house for lunch and when we got back our friends Mike and Heather came to the rescue to help Tim move furniture and such since I couldn't. We borrowed Pat's (our wonderful, beloved neighbors) shop vac. Tim and Mike got the room cleared out and the carpet up in record timing. The one of the two rooms that was done, I had clean sheets and everything on the bed ready for guests!

That evening after TJ woke up from his late nap we decided to tackle Anna's room and start pulling up the floor to see how bad it really was. We were hoping to only pull up the first few rows, HA, nope. we had to pull up the whole thing. The water had gone to a third of the room and had ruined that much flooring. And it was already mildewing in there. yuck!

So glad we hadn't taken that flooring back. We do have enough to finish Anna's room and more to contribute to the guest room. But again....we were done with this part of the project!

I have cried many tears. Actually I have balled many tears. I was at the point of relief that the room was getting done. I could move on to getting other cleaning projects done around the house.

The room went from this beautiful flooring, with all the furniture and some decorations up:
To hoping we would only take out a few rows:

To ripping out the whole thing. That dark area was all wet and that is basically all the flooring we lost:
This is what the room looked like weeks ago. Starting all over is not fun!
The A/C guy comes out tomorrow so hopefully we will know something soon and we can move on. I can't handle this stress. Crying is not on my schedule of things to do.

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