TJ showing Nate how to play with cars
The last weekend in August Dre and Nate flew into town so we could all make a trip down to Fredericksburg where my Grandparents live. They came in Thursday afternoon and her and my parents drove down Friday morning. Later that day when Tim got off work we started our journey. Our GPS took us some weird way wish made us lost and it took us an extra hour to get there but we finally made it. TJ loved Opa and Oma. He immediately ran into their house and was dancing around and being sweet to them. My sister had come into town that night also. We spent a little bit of time with them that night then headed to bed.

On Saturday we woke up and headed over there to hang out for the day. Tim left with my dad to go meet a friend who is on set of a movie. He is on my dad’s TXAPN council and asked my dad to come in and pray with them over the set and crew. They had a good time; they met the author of the book, the pastor on set, and watched some scenes being filmed. They made it back to my grandparent’s house by noon for lunch. My Uncle Dave and Aunt Linda, Cousins Jonathan, Barb, Morgan, Jenny and Brian had also made the trip to Fredericksburg. It was nice to see everyone and hang out for a while during lunch and after. Everyone couldn’t stay long but we had a fun time.
TJ and his cousin Morgan
We stayed till after church and lunch on Sunday and then headed home.

This last weekend we made a trip to Shreveport. We planned to stay with Mammo on Friday night and stay till the afternoon and then head over to Papaw’s house for Saturday night. We made it to Mammo’s house around 8 and she had dinner ready for us. We stayed up late hanging out with family and letting TJ play. We put him to bed around 10:30 and then we stayed up and talked with just Mammo until almost midnight. Saturday TJ of course woke up early needing to go to the bathroom so we were up and moving shortly after that. We had a big breakfast and then just hung out. We went through a bunch of Papaw’s shirts and Tim came home with about 15 shirts of Papaw’s.
TJ cuddling with Mammo. He didn't want to leave
By noon we were packing up and getting ready to go to Papaw’s. He took us out to lunch when we got there and then took us out to the lake so we could ride on his boat. It was TJ’s first time. After the ride we went to a nature park that had a bunch of live animals there to look at and even a deer that you can feed. TJ had a blast. We made our way back to Papaw’s house for TJ to nap before dinner. By my request we went out for catfish and Papaw knew of the best place in town. It was sooooo good. I just wish it would have stayed down. Since we went to eat late and I went to bed shortly after I woke up in the middle of the night throwing up. Yuck. My head got below my stomach and Anna was kicking like crazy, it didn’t have much choice in weather or not to come back up.
TJ driving Papaw's boat. He loved it!!!
Sunday we went to Papaw’s church and let TJ go to the little class. He had so much fun and it was fun to see Papaw with all of his friends. Since we went to the early service we were done with lunch and everything by noon.  We had such a great time with Mammo and Papaw but we were worn out and ready to hit the road.
Oh I forgot about something that happened on Saturday night. I was so tired, full and sore from walking. I took a shower and then went to find my brush and couldn’t find it anywhere. I always forget to bring my brush and I had it at Mammo’s house but I couldn’t find it and My hair is so tangled and a mess. I searched in my bacg, Tim’s bag, TJ’s bag, and the car. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I was working my self up. I had that brush since elementary school and it was my favorite. I just started to cry because I couldn’t find it. Tim finally came in to go to bed and wondered why I was crying. He just laughed at me and told me I probably left it at Mammo’s and we would call her the next day to go by and get it. Sunday on our way out of town we stopped by to see Mammo and to get my brush. I gott my brush back and we got to see Mammo again. There I think I just pleased my husband by posting this little story!
On our way home we stopped to see Ken and Ginny in Waskom. They are good friends of ours and they LOVE TJ. We made it home in time to see Amy for a little bit before she headed home and had dinner with my daddy before we went to get Gracee.
We had some busy weekends but it was so good to see everyone!!!

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