Outside in Texas

TJ insisted that we go outside tonight to play.

I agreed because I knew it wasn't really that hot outside and I wouldn't be completely miserable sitting out there while he played.

Ten minutes into the fun I was already getting attacked by mosquitoes, Tim had fire ants crawling on his feet, and TJ was out there in the yard playing away with a huge smile on his face. These events that were happening to Tim and I didn't even faze him and he didn't want to go inside.

It wasn't that hot which makes me want to go out there but these pests were making it miserable for Tim and I.

Texas is wonderful but weird. The summer is coming to an end and you can tell in the air and in the plants but the bugs are in full force because its still warm outside. Yeah I could have easily put bug spray on our legs and arms but then I would be all sticky...ick!

Just wanted to share how this is only a sign that fall and winter is soon approaching. Praise the Lord!!!

Oh and I made my first batch of pumpkin bread of the season this week. I've been craving it but haven't been able to find any cans of pumpkin in the stores until now.
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