4 Month Old Baby Anna

Today marks the day that Anna is 4 months old.

I hate that it goes so fast. I know everyone says that but I really hate it!

On the weekends her schedule is like it was on my last monthly update. During the week she changes it up basically everyday. My mom and I are going to get her set into a good schedule. WE ARE DETERMINED.

She is still eating about 6-8 ounces at each meal time. Her doctors appointment is on the 28th (so I could take both kids at the same time). She'll be starting her rice cereal soon. I was thinking about starting it this weekend but I'm thinking I'll wait until we go to her appointment. We'll see...

She is reaching out and playing with her toys. She discovered her voice this week. She "talks" a bunch. I'm thinking that we'll have a talker on our hands. TJ never "talked" like this. Should be tons of fun!

Anna is a full blown thumb sucker. Its really cute. She rolls up her right hand to suck on that thumb but when she sucks on her left thumb she keeps her hand open and puts it over her nose. I love it. She will take a pacifier but only when she is awake and wants something to chew on. I have to have 4 different kinds around the house because the one she likes today, she won't take tomorrow. Silly girl.

That's about all I need to talk about this month.

Here are some pictures of her:

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