My Nook

I know I'm a little behind in posting this but I wanted to make sure I wrote about this.

I have been wanting an eReader for some time. I didn't care which one I got, I just wanted one. There were a few other things on my list so I never asked for one.

Well my parents knew without me having to tell them. My dad got a Nook Color for Christmas and my mom got an iPad so they both had devices that they could read books on.

Well for my birthday my parents got me a Nook. I absolutely love it!

I went through and downloaded a ton of free books and even downloaded a few others.

Having the cute case is lovely because I love carrying it around. I love the way it looks and its lightweight and compact that it isn't a pain to carry in my purse or the diaper bag.

Oh and the eReaders are designed to not have a glowing screen so its not like looking at a computer screen. Actually if I want to read with the lights off I have to get my handy light clip out and attach it to the Nook so I can read. There is no eye strain.

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