New Camera...Nikon

I went out and got myself a fancy camera.

I have been wanting one for a long time but within the last 9 months or so I knew I would be getting one this spring. I have been doing lots of research, looking at used ones, new ones and different brands.

I decided on a new camera just for the fact that its new and I won't have that worry. Then I went with the brand that I got well because its the best. HAHA

I got myself a Nikon D3100. I love it! I got a package deal that came with a bag and a extra zoom lens. Since I've had an iPhone I take all my pictures with that just because my phone is on me at all times. Now that the iPhone camera is better quality my pictures look great but when I want to post pictures on my blog or print pictures it would be so much better to have a nicer camera.

Here are some of the pictures I've taken with my new camera....Some are raw and some are edited. Enjoy!

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