Happy Birthday Timothy Wayne JR

Its so hard to believe that 3 yrs ago today, my little man made a splash into the world with a surprise.

Its been a fun year with TJ. On his birthday last year we found out we were pregnant. We had a cars birthday party for him. I made his cake and put a race track on the cake in the shape of a two and put Lightning McQueen and Mater on the track. He had a blast!

He became potty trained this summer, he moved from his crib to his daybed then to a full size bed, and he went to his first movie.

TJ has always had his own words. But this year he really started talking and I thought it would be fun to get them all written down.

It has been a great year and he developed so much this year. This coming year he will be starting preschool, we'll probably start him in team sports either in the fall or next spring.

We love you TJ!
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