Seems like its been forever since I've been able to post a specific milestone TJ has reached.

I mean he is constantly changing and developing but he has accomplished something that is huge.

From the time TJ first got interested in cars he has called them Vrooms. We think its because at one point Rodney was playing cars with him and Rodney made the cars say "vroooom" when he was driving them on the floor. TJ started saying that and then it stuck. We couldn't for the life of us get him to say cars.

After almost 2.5 years he has called cars vrooms. Trucks he called trucks but cars are vrooms.

When all this time every time a car is discussed it is said as a vroom everyone starts calling them Vrooms. We have really tried to keep calling them cars so eventually he would learn to call them cars.

Today we were getting in the car and I asked TJ if he had all his vrooms and he responded with "No, mommy they are cars" It sounded kinda like tars but he did it. We were shocked. Just like that....Cars.

Anyways. this was a huge step for my little Timothy and just had to share.

Oh today if you would have asked TJ what TJ stood for he would say Lion King. Silly boy. He has no idea that we are planning on taking him to see it in theaters tomorrow.

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