Anna is 10 Months Old

Well little Miss is moving and moving. Not walking yet but pulling up on everything and crawling like crazy.

She is basically always happy. She talks and laughs all the time and loves her big brother. She is always laughing at him and tackling him.

She can eat table food now, not sure how she does it because she only has two teeth but she has it mastered.

Dada is the most recognizable word she says. Don't think she knows that Dada is Dada but she says it. She has said Mama but more on demand than calling for me.

Here she is yammering with Daddy:

She keeps us laughing for sure.

The other day she got a hold of the eye from TJ's Dora ice cream and this is what happened:
Her Schedule:
A few changes just in the food she eats.
She wakes up at around 9 and then eats oatmeal with fruit, stays up and plays till 11:45 and starts eating then lays down at noon, sleeps till 3, eats again, and some times will stay up till bed time but sometimes at around 4:30ish she lay back down, sleeps till 6ish, up for table food like meet and veggies, around 7:30 we start baths and she is eating and in bed by 8:15. She eats about 8 ounces at each feeding.

At my mom’s house she'll eat a little bit and then go back to sleep till about 9- 9:30ish then the rest of the schedule is the same.

Lots of pictures this time

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