Night and Day

Now that the swimming season is basically over I would just like to share how TJ swimming fears have changed drastically.

At the beginning of the summer we went swimming a couple of times. A couple of times at a friends house and once at Uncle Terry's house. TJ wouldn't leave the side of the pool. He would even hang off the side and scoot along the whole edge of the pool with his body in the water.

When we were at Terry's house he got out all different kids of floatys to see which one he would do better with. At that point he did about the same with all of them but we decided to take this yellow inner-tube that had a tank thing attached to it.

While we were on Vacation, TJ got lots of practice time in swimming with the inner-tube.

I was watching him play this last weekend that was mostly likely his last time to swim this season. It is like night and day from the how he was acting in the pool at the beginning of the summer from this last weekend.

You could see how proud he was to be swimming, jumping in the pool, going down to the bottom with Papa and so on.

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