Lion King 3D: Trip to the Movies

When we saw that Lion King would be in theaters for a couple weeks in 3D. We knew we just had to take TJ. Lion King is one of his favorite movies.

Acutally if you ask him what TJ stands for he'll tell you it stands for Lion King. His tball team is the tigers and if I call him a tiger he says "no Mommy, I'm Lion King."

He did great with the glasses. He kept them on until the very end. It was strange though, people were reacting to the movie like they had never seen it before. Little odd for a old movie that was remade. Tim and I could speak all the lines throughout the whole movie. So when people were laughing at parts we kept glancing at each other asking "have they not seen this movie before?"

Anyways, here are some pictures from our trip to the movies.

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