Some of you who may shop at Albertson's will know that ever since August they have had a deal going that with every 10 dollars you spend you get a sticker once you get 36 stickers on a sheet you get a free place setting of Royal Doulton Blueberry. It comes with a dinner plate, salad plate, and soup bowl. Well Tim and i try are very hardest not to spend very much at the store. We always get something on sale or use coupons so the spend more get more didn't work for us. So what I did was told EVERYONE that shopped there to collect them for me. Once I got 6 sheets I went and redeemed them and started using them. Once  got a sheet filled I went and redeemed by sheets. Well last night was the last night to get stickers but I thought it was the last day to redeem. So I headed up there last night at 7 p.m. to get my dishes. I had 3 full sheets and 2 that had a few on each. I went ahead and picked up 4 sets and went to check out. They went ahead and gave me enough stickers to get the 4th set. People I was sooo excited I have 12 place settings. Yippee!!!
That is all I wanted to say... Ya'll have a Merry Christmas!
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