Dreaming of a White Christmas

As some of you may know by either me telling you or I blogged about it before (I can’t really remember if I did) that Christmas will be slightly different for us this year.

We have a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service to go to then we’ll be going to my parents house for presents and lots of food. Then after hours of opening presents and yammering on about whatever we’ll go home and wake up and the butt crack of dawn to open our presents. Tim and I LOVE Christmas! The child in us comes out every Christmas morning and we hurry into the living room with our slippers and pj’s on and start into the gifts we got for each other. At about 9:30 we would normally pack up our coolest stuff then head over to Cedar Hill to Timothy’s parents house to eat breakfast then open gifts there.

This year it will be slightly different. Instead of just driving to Cedar Hill we will be driving 6 to 7 hours to Bentonville. We will be trying to make it as normal as possible. We are planning on having “Christmas Eve” that night then waking up the day after Christmas to have “Christmas Morning”. We are going to be staying up there through the weekend till Tuesday morning. Piper’s birthday is the 29th so we are planning to have a little party for her while we are all together.

Timothy has been praying for it to snow while we are there. Snow in Texas really isn’t snow and it would be so fun if TJ’s first Christmas was a white Christmas. It doesn’t look like it is going to be but we are still praying. Well praying specifically that it will snow once we get there and not affect the drive up there.

I’m sure I will be posting something else before we leave but incase I don’t, ya’ll have a Merry Christmas!!!

We wish love, peace and a safe Christmas to you and your families.

P.S. this picture is actually Bentonville, AR
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