Christmas In Arlington

Christmas Eve
As I've told in past posts about our Christmas traditions. We continued those as best we could. We were off on Christmas eve so we were able to get things ready for the trip to Arkansas along with some last minute shopping. Then we headed over to my parents house for the Christmas Eve service then presents with the family at their house.
Here are the pictures from TJ opening his gifts before the service:

Here is the pictures from the Service:

Papa and KayKay with TJ

Aunt Mamy and TJ

The Leckie's

TJ and His Sponsors- Amy and Jeanine

Christmas Morning
yes....I finally got an iPhone. Now I can communicate like crazy.

First picture taken with my phone

TJ's First Christmas morning
His big toy. this was his first time to pull up on this toy. He's a Genius!

Then off to Arkansas. It was a great Christmas for us here in Arlington
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