Making a List, Then Another, Then Another

Oh man I have never been one to wait till the last minute to go Christmas shopping. I have gladly inheritated my mothers “shopping all year” policy. But for whatever reason this year we’ve been kind of slow getting out and getting it done. I have an idea, lets blame it on TJ. If we get to go out on a week night we can’t be out to long because he goes to bed at 8. Then there is the weekends, we would have to arrange to go out before nap times.

Well this year I did get a lot of it done early but its all the small gifts and extra items that I’m behind on. I still have a few more things to get and looks like I will be shopping all the way to Tuesday night. I have my spreadsheet going with all the items I have gotten and all the items left to get. I know I’m so organized. But I can’t stand not seeing it all written out. The bad thing is that I sit there and make list after list but don’t ever take it to the store with me. Tim laughs at me and gives me a hard time about that. Oh well, it keeps me busy. This final list I do plan on taking to the few stores I have left to go to.
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