Oh My Dear T.J.

Last night he got to spend the evening with Tim while I went to my class at church. When I left he was laying on the couch next to Tim drinking his bottle and be going to bed about 45 minutes after he was finished. Once I got to class I received a message from Tim saying he fell asleep while he was eating so he put him in bed.
After I got home Tim told me that once he laid him in there that he finished his bottle and was wide awake so Tim went and brought him into the living room to play and went to bed at normal time. Since he fell asleep at regular time at in the living room on Tim he just took him and laid him down again.
This morning at 5:20 TJ is in his bed talking away!! When I peaked in there to see if he was okay. He was looking over his bed smiling real big at me (he learned how to pull up in his bed YESTERDAY) and wide awake. When I went to lay him back down and give him his pacifier I noticed that he was soaked from the middle of his chest to his knees. His diaper had leaked bad. Well after wiping him down, getting him cleaned up, and changing his diaper he just wanted to play. He just sat on the floor next to the couch and played while I did my quiet time and sat in front of the mirror in my room while I got ready.
He had a really good time but it was so different him being awake while I’m getting ready.
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