8 Month Update on TJ

TJ turned 8 months old on Thanksgiving. We were in Fredericksburg and it was very hard to blog from there, being that I had to send an email to my site with Tim’s phone and then get online with Tim’s phone and post it. Since I like to post the monthly updates with pictures I waited till now to post anything. This last month TJ has mastered the art of crawling. For a while there he would only crawl if he saw something he wanted… the only thing he would really crawl and get was his pooh bear or the book. Now that he is good with that he pulling up on things. The first time he pulled up Tim saw it. They were in our room and TJ loves our bathroom. He thinks that if he goes in there than he gets a bath. Tim said he just crawled right in there went over to the tub and pulled up and was shutting the door. Ever since then he is trying to pull up on anything and everything 95% of the time he just stays on his knees .

We set up our tree on Sunday night and we hang beads on the tree. Well TJ thought it looked a lot like a necklace and insisted on helping. He had his hands in the box with the beads for about 30 minutes. Then last night while I was helping my mom with her beads. TJ crawled over to us and got a hold of the beads that were hanging low from my mom and started pulling them and my mom had to catch them before they all came down.
He has learned “bye” well waving bye. He hasn’t grasped hello yet. For the most part anytime I say “say bye bye” he waves. Its super cute.
Here are some pictures from him this month!
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