Peach Jam

Cravings. Normally they aren't too bad, but this one was rough.

I started eating toast every morning for breakfast. My mom had offered me cinnamon and sugar or jelly if I wanted it. Then I thought jelly sounds so gross. The thought of its consistency was grossing me out. Then I thought jam, my mind started to run wild. GRANDMA'S PEACH JAM!! It was there, the craving was there, I couldn't shake it. I ate toast every day and was putting other fruit spreads on my toast trying to make the craving go away.

The problem with this is that my grandma lives in Fredericksburg which is about five hours away and its not peach season yet. UGH. My dad found out through a twitter that I was craving Grandma's Peach Jam. Turns out my dad called Grandpa and Grandma and asked if they had any left. My Grandma buys a bunch of peaches and then cooks the peaches and freezes them to make jam ALL year round.

I got a surprise is the mail today:
They had one left that wasn't opened and sent it to me. Peach season starts in a month or so and the crops are looking good.

Within 5 minutes of getting it in the mail I had toast made with peach jam. It was delightful, absolutely delightful. I only let TJ have a corner of the piece of toast. haha. I'm planning on having it for breakfast tomorrow too. YUMMY!!!
Thanks Grandpa and Grandma for sending it to me. It will be enjoyed. Love you bunches. Tim and TJ say hi!
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