Earlier this week we went in for our first sonogram. On that day by my calculations I was 9 weeks and 3 days. By my measurements in the sonogram I was 9 weeks 5 days. She didn't move my due date at all but that's where we are. The heart beat was nice and strong.

It was really cool the Doctor actually did the sonogram and they changed the room. Its in a new room and has a huge flat screen on the wall right in front of the mom so she can see easily whats going on.

I go in for my first official doctors appointment on Tuesday May 4th.

It seems the days are getting a little easier. I'm having more hungry days than sick days. YAH! I'm not really tired its more of a laziness that has come over me. When I do get motivated to do something I tend to over do it and my body starts to ache. But believe me I have my tired days where have to do anything to keep myself awake. I'm trying to even it out...its a learning curve.
I had to explain this picture to my manager like 5 times before she saw it so I'll try to make this easy. She labeled the picture so you know the general area is where the baby's parts are. The baby is head down. Its a frontal view of the baby if you look closely you can see where the eye sockets are and yes the head is bigger than the body...I have a GENIUS!

Hope to have a updated blog for you next week.
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