Resurrection Day

Happy Resurrection Day!!!

A little late I know but I wanted to share some picture with all of you.

Saturday afternoon our church always has a community Easter egg hunt. There is always about 300-400 kids there and always fun. Last year TJ got to get some eggs but was too little to really understand. This year he actually picked them up and ran to get some. too cute
After he got his eggs he was just dancing around
TJ and Shosha jumping in the bounce house. Shosha was his bodyguard

Sunday after church my parents had a little egg hunt set up for TJ in the backyard.. he loved it. He had a few eggs with stickers on them which meant he got a prize. He got a car, a shirt and a cars plate. 
Such focus
the loot

He brings such joy to our lives. It was such a delight watching him run and play.
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