Week 8

Wow. I know everyone says every pregnancy is different and I thought they would be somewhat close to each other but these two kids have treated me completely different than the other.
With TJ I only got sick a few times throughout the 1st 5-6 months. I had to eat all the time, and if I didn’t eat I would get nauseous. With this child, when I’m hungry I have to eat and if I don’t eat I’ll just get dizzy and lightheaded. If I’m sick then I need to eat but NOTHING sounds good. I try to eat but then I have this sick and nasty taste left in my mouth.
Each day is different. I may go a couple of days of being starving all day but then go one day of being sick. Or one whole week it will be every other day that will be a hungry day.
Symptoms are great for me. I hate the way I feel but I love the symptoms. A couple of weeks ago I had a major scare. I thought I was going to miscarry. I called a couple of people and talked it out and one of the major thing that they all said was that they all of a sudden didn’t have any pregnancy symptoms anymore and then miscarried a couple of days later. I appreciate my symptoms. When I wake up and I feel sick or hungry, I am so happy that these terrible symptoms are accompanying me every day.
I realized when we had the scare all that I was doing that I should not have been doing. I was still picking up TJ, I was moving furniture around in the house to clean, we had a flood in our office and I was picking up heavy totes to move, and so on. I knew my body was telling me to stop. The hardest thing to stop is picking up TJ. I’ve been working with him to climb up into my lap and my mom meets me at my car every morning to get him out and carry him inside for me. 

For now....that's it

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