Ring Dunk

This past weekend my sister, Amy got her Aggie Ring.

My sister is brilliant and such an amazing person. She cares deeply for people and nothing is more of a priority to her than her relationship with Christ. She has worked very hard the to get where she is. She is a closing supervisor at Jason's Deli along with going to school full time.

The Aggie Ring is the one item that any Aggie will recognize for the rest of their lives and meet thousands of people over the span of their lives throughout the world. That's one thing I see my dad do a lot. Oh class of '74. They don't even ask they just state what class and the other knows exactly what the other is talking about.

The tradition is once you get your ring you dunk it in a pitcher of beer and then drink that until you get to your ring. Now the tradition has swayed slightly to dunking the ring in whatever your heart desires. I've seen people dunk the ring in chocolate milk, a shot, champagne, and all kids of beers.

Amy chose to dunk hers in a glass of champagne. You go Girl!!

Amy we are so proud of you and are so happy we got to join in the celebration this weekend.
Opening the bottle
Getting ready
Amy and Lindsay
 Lindsay won
They got their rings
TJ and Aunt Amy
Us proud family
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