Since the day we announced we were pregnant we have been asked, "do you want a boy or girl?"

My answer has been, "we are fine with a boy or a girl" I definitely get some funny looks because of that answer.

Our thoughts are that we have a boy so a boy would be an easy transition. I have all the toys, clothes and I know I could do two boys. I could do soccer games, t-ball, and stinky sweaty boys. With a girl, it would be fun. Everything would be new and PINK. I'll still most likely being doing the same things I will with two girls as I would be with two boys.

So bascially we are excited about this baby. We are excited to finally find out if our children will be two boys or a boy and a girl...we will see, we will see.

All down hill from now on...wait except I'm only going to get bigger so really no down hill. Anyways...

9 days until we find out.
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