Final Results

The poll is over. I was a little off on my expiration date of the poll. I didn’t realize when I set it up that I’ll have to wait an extra week before I could get an appointment for the sonogram.
I did call today to make sure they couldn’t get me in this week and she fooled me. She said “Oh, I have to appointments on Wednesday, 10am and 3pm!” after a split second of thought I answer “awesome. I’ll take the 3pm appointment” (so I won’t have to worry about Tim trying to get off work) she answers back “oh, I’m sorry I can’t take one of those because they are 15 minute appointment slots and you have to have a 30 minute slot for your full sonogram” AGH
The final count was:
26% for Boy
73% for Girl
We have exactly 6 days, 15 hours, and 30 minutes before we get to find out what we are having. (Unless the doctor is behind on her schedule) Sure hope this baby cooperates for the camera and gives us a good shot.  
And the countdown continues!
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