Another Sonogram

Yep, after discussing it with my husband if we needed to do another sonogram we decided that we should.

We are pretty confident in the doctors opinion but wanted a double check since she wasn't very sure and we didn't get any good pictures of our little girl.

Every body has been trying to convince me to get a 3d or 4d sonogram done. And I'm not getting one because I didn't get any with TJ, they are extremely expensive and well, they just plain freak me out. I like the black and white sonogram and I like the unknown of what the child looks like. Even if the 3d or 4d are very skewed, I like the guessing part of black and white. Trying to figure out what features the child will have. One thing I could see with TJ is he will have long arms, sure enough his arms were SOOO long when he was born and still are.

I go Wednesday afternoon and since Timothy HATES the doctors office I quote "it sucks the life out of me every time I go and now even the parking lot will suck the life out of me" so he won't be going with me. I'm taking my mom and she is nothing but thrilled to go with me.

Its just a quick sonogram to check the gender and I'm suppose to get a couple of pictures. YAH

Hopefully I'll get at least one that I can post.
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