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Anna Katelynn Leckie

Anna= Gracious, Merciful
Katelynn= Pure

We went in for our sonogram today and I just knew that this baby would not corporate with the camera and give us a good view. Well the Doctor had to check ten times and the last few times she checked she saw girl each time. She isn’t 100% sure that it’s a girl but she kept tell us that she was a girl.

We are thinking about going back for another gender check just to make sure. Since it wasn’t BOOM yep, she is a girl. I am of course still hesitant. Like I’ve said before I wasn’t really wanting a boy or girl specifically, it’s just knowing or not knowing that will drive me nuts.

I didn’t get any good pictures so I won’t be posting any. They are all three of her face and she was all smashed up in one corner of my stomach with her legs and butt out in the middle of my stomach.

I guess I just thought for sure it would be a boy. Before we were even trying I knew I would have a girl. Once we got pregnant I had the girl’s room picked out first, so I hurried and got a boys room designed so I would have both ready. I’ve had a few people that were dead set that it was a boy so I Just knew that since I had the room and name picked out for a girl that it was going to be a boy. So I really am in shock. I’ve been really quiet today and honestly trying to still not get excited because I feel like I still don’t know.

I’m also very hesitant to show too much excitement that it’s a girl because I don’t want people to think that I didn’t want a boy. I wouldn’t change one second with TJ. I hear that girls are more fun, that girl’s clothes are cuter, and so on about girls. I think babies are fun, I think boys clothes are cute, I wasn’t going to keep trying for a girl because “I just had to have a girl”, boys are just as much fun as girls, and I just wanted another baby.

I do know that if this girl ends up being a boy, that I’ll be prepared. I have all the boy clothes and all boy gear. I just may have to change the room…HAHA

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